case study //

carol alt

the client //

Carol Alt is an international supermodel, actress, entrepreneur, raw food enthusiast, author and host of ‘A Healthy You & Carol Alt’ on Fox News. Right now, Carol is the main spokesperson for several new upstarts, all of which meet her demanding moral and stringent social values. She is also a mainstay on the lecture circuit where she lectures on Health and Nutrition.

the challenge //

Carol found herself in an unfortunate predicament when her previous website developer essentially stole her entire website and wiped it clean. When Symboliq took over this project, Carol had nothing left of her previous website, besides copies of her blogs. This meant that something had to be done, quickly, so that Carol could keep her name out there and have a landing site for all of her content, images, information and media for her dedicated fans.

the solution //

In a very short timeframe, we were able to redesign and execute a brand-new website for Carol Alt, essentially from scratch. For the design aspect of Carol Alt’s website, we wanted to take a clean approach, while also keeping it modern and chic. There is a lot of black and white, intermixed with bright colors through her various modeling shots and cover photos. In addition to the development and redesign of Carol Alt’s website, Symboliq also has a hand in her social media. We help Carol post a couple of times a week on her various social media platforms. When we create posts for Carol, we have certain days of the week where we will create creative posts that link back to her blogs, or her recipes on her website, to drive traffic back to the beautiful site that we created for Carol.

we're proud of what we've been able to do with our clients.