the client //

avani is a fully-sustainable, compostable, and biodegradable home goods and clothing brand. they thrive to provide the greenest and most eco-friendly products on the market, requiring 68% less energy to produce compared to polyester and nylon.

the challenge //

we built avani from the ground up, so the initial challenge?

absolutely everything.

all brand touchpoints needed to be carefully crafted to highlight the avani mission and message; an organic and biodegradable clothing line that supports environmental sustainability without sacrificing quality, style and comfort.

the solution //

we started by selecting a purposeful name that spoke to the mission: design an environmentally sustainable clothing brand without sacrificing quality, style, and comfort.

avani is hindi for “mother earth”.

from there, we turned our focus toward designing a modern look for the brand with an environmental feel. we created print materials for wholesale and retail market opportunities for the brand, and expanded the product line with custom apparel designs.

with the brand look, feel and design in place, we set avani on a trajectory for digital marketing success:

  • built shopify website
  • created social media accounts
  • content for creation for all platforms
  • email marketing campaign
  • blog development
  • seo optimization
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