Art Director, Rob Moeller Gives Insights After 2 Years at Symboliq

Rob Moeller

Today, we’re wishing our Art Director, Rob, a happy 2-year work-anniversary at Symboliq! Rob is an essential part of our team, always encouraging us to search for different solutions, no matter the challenge. Rob is our design go-to. He makes everything look good and we know, whatever we need, Rob will be there to help us create it!

With his abundance of “The Office” quotes for every situation, jokes that brighten our days, and his helpfulness on projects, we are so thankful for Rob and are excited to wish him a happy 2-year anniversary at Symboliq! We sat down with Rob to talk about some of his favorite things about being an art director and lessons he’s learned along the way.

1. What has been your favorite project at Symboliq so far and why?

Every day has its own set of challenges. There are no two days that are the same. Our clients have been amazing and I enjoy helping each of them ultimately reach their goals. That said, I think my favorite project to date would have to be McMurray Stern. Our team came together and worked really hard in collaboration on a strategy that would align with McMurray Stern’s marketing and design goals. From there, many projects and challenges have come up and we have worked directly with McMurray Stern to create the best solution for each, focusing on the overall customer experience.

2. What do you like most about being an Art Director?

I come from a small town and really struggled early in college to try and catch up due to the lack of programs available in my area. Lots of YouTube University tutorials later – and I’ve acquired a depth of knowledge in many random areas. As Art Director, I’m able to help people avoid or navigate through many of the headaches that I had to overcome. Our team is amazing and I’m glad to jump in on whatever we have going on. 

3. Looking back, what advice would you give yourself two years ago?

Just keep going. Keep learning. Keep growing. You’ll be fine.

4. How do you create motivation for yourself and your design team?

“Head Down, Eyes Forward.” I’ve been saying this for years, it helps keep me in “attack mode.” Our jobs are never done, there’s always more that needs to get done, and if you let up then someone or something will catch up and theoretically “eat you.” So stay hungry.

5. How does Symboliq differ from other companies you’ve worked for?

I’ve always felt that creatives are really still kids that just upgraded our crayons for trackpads and mouses. Symboliq has done the best job of capturing that spirit and making it the culture here. We usually laugh and have a good time, but also manage to stay focused and get things done. 

6. As an Avid “The Office” lover and enthusiast, what are your favorite episodes/parts? 

It’d be hard to not list almost the entire series in moments here. Having watched it from season 1 – season 9 probably 15+ times, it’s really the character progressions that I love most. How awkward and cringy is Micheal in season 1 – season 7 when he leaves? And then somehow becomes your favorite boss of all time [sorry Randy!].

But a few all-time greats:

  • Michaels “Boom Roasted” segment
  • When Michael eats way too much fettuccine alfredo in the Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure
  • Jim and Pam’s first “date” eating sandwiches on the roof as Dwight danced in the fireworks show
  • The volleyball episode when they find out Pam is pregnant.

Those have been some of the best laughs and cries of my life as far as TV goes! 

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