6 Online Strategies to Post Your Positive Customer Testimonials

Why do you need positive reviews?

Did you know that an estimated 9 out of 10 people look at reviews online before making a purchase? That’s not surprising, since many businesses are moving digital and consumers are less often going into physical stores where they can see what they’re about to purchase. Online shopping is not only convenient but is turning out to be a safer way to shop in 2020. And consumers want to hear about the product or service from someone who has experienced it before. Positive reviews can end up leading to more conversions and a better experience for your customers.

How do you get positive customer testimonials?

Getting positive customer testimonials all begins with your team. Make sure your customer service team is trained and ready to handle all customer inquiries in a way that will portray your business as helpful and attentive. A lot of negative reviews we see are talking about poor customer service. So, doing everything you can to prepare your customer service team is step one. Getting reviews can be as simple as asking your customer! Many customers are willing to give reviews if asked! You can also offer incentives as long as they comply with platform guidelines.

6 places to post your positive reviews online

Posting positive reviews will reassure customers and give your brand more credibility online. When customers are able to see a positive experience online, they are more inclined to purchase your product or service and leave a positive review themselves. Here are the top 6 places you should be posting reviews for prospective customers to see:

1. Website

Having positive reviews on your website is an absolute must. Not only does including reviews on your site boost trust in your products and services, but it can really influence your customer’s purchasing decisions.

2. Google My Business

When anyone searches for your business, your Google My Business profile is what comes up. All of your company’s Google reviews display as well. So, it’s important to have those Google reviews to immediately attract prospective customers’ attention.

3. Amazon or other retail sites

Maybe you sell products on your website as well as Amazon or Walmart, or another retail store. Having reviews on these online shopping platforms influences prospective customers, building credibility for your brand, and further improves your online shopping experience for customers.

4. Social media feed

Including reviews on social media platforms in posts, stories, and on Facebook can help your brand reach additional audiences. 40% of digital customers use social media to research new brands or products, so prominently displaying reviews can help build trust online.

5. Case studies

Many people will give marketing advice to either display testimonials or case studies. We say, why not both? Case studies are powerful in building trust and credibility for your brand. Including a testimonial from the customer makes your case study that much stronger.

6. Emails

Including positive reviews in your campaigns, newsletters, or promo emails can generate social proof and make your customers feel good about being part of your community. Depending on your email platform, you may even be able to ask for reviews and integrate a place for customers to leave reviews for your brand.

What to do after you get customer testimonials

Once you get a review, respond if you can! Customers expect a response within 24 hours, so be sure to meet that quota if possible. Always respond to reviews, even if the review is negative. Address the customer’s problem and let them know you are willing to make the situation right. Additionally, some review platforms allow you to mark reviews as helpful for others, adding credibility to your business. Ultimately, you will be able to ‘pin’ these reviews to the top so other customers view those first.

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