5 Plugins for Generating More Leads With WordPress

Whatever your business is, lead generation will always be an important part of it. Without this lead collection, it will be virtually impossible to find new opportunities for the business and interact with your potential customers.

WordPress is a very massive force online today, and thankfully, there are now dozens of plugins that are now available to help you in your lead generation campaigns. Using the right and best lead generation plugins in your growth strategy can help you do a lot of things, such as collecting and managing emails, finding potential clients, and growing your company faster.

Generating More Leads With These 5 WordPress Plugins

LeadBoxer Plugin

You can use LeadBoxer for collection of information and to understand people who view your website. Once you add LeadBoxer to your site, you can see the names of businesses visiting your site, the services and products that got their interests, and ways on how you can get in touch with them. This is a very powerful tool that lets you collect leads in a very actionable and efficient way.


Another WordPress plugin to generate leads is OptinMonster which converts your site visitors into customers and subscribers. This provides amazing features which make it easier for marketers to get new customers and leads alike. Some of the features that make the plugin powerful include exit intent technology, drag and drop form builder, A/B split testing, ability to show certain images for various campaigns, as well as built-in analytics.


SumoMe is growing faster and faster in terms of popularity, and it doesn’t come as a surprise. SumoMe is much more than a simple tool for lead generation as this is actually a complete suite of products mean to boost your site traffic. Tools such as the SumoMe welcome mat, scroll box, smart bar, and others can help grow your site traffic and collect valuable leads. More than 300,000 sites currently use SumoMe with the most notable ones including BarkPost, The Art of Manliness, Canva, Complex, and Airbnb.

Hello Bar

Thanks to Hello Bar, it has become easier to convert more visitors into customers. This makes it so that once people visit your site, they will see a subtle bar on the top of the page which encourages them to be a part of your email list or to start the trial of the product you offer. Installing this WordPress plugin is very simple, making it a must have in your lead generation arsenal.


Hubspot came up with a free lead generation solution which makes it easy to know who your site visitors are and offers insights into those who will out the form on your website. This is a special tool built with small businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs in mind.

The three main features of Leadin include contact management, lead capture forms, and marketing analytics. It is also very easy to set up so you can get started right away in collecting leads.

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