4 Tips for Retaining Everything You Learn from Podcasts

Podcasts, short vlogs, videos, there are so many ways to consume media in an audible fashion to gain knowledge on a wide variety of topics – and it’s all the rage these days. In fact, nearly half of all Americans listen to podcasts on a regular basis. However, if not in the right setting, this knowledge may easily slip through your fingertips. We’ve put a list together of all of the best (and worst) times to listen to podcasts and tips to help retain all of your podcast knowledge.

The best and worst times to listen to a podcast

When to listen to a podcast for the ultimate knowledge bomb

Sometimes podcasts just hit you at the right moment at the right time – when you are fully paying attention and can absorb all of the information coming at you. If you’re getting ready to listen to a podcast, make sure you’re either not doing anything else or you’re doing something that comes second nature to you. That way you won’t be multitasking, doing too many things at once, or getting distracted.

Here are some of the best times to listen to a podcast:

  • When on a walk
  • When commuting
  • When you’re bored 
  • When you’re doing mundane chores

When to not listen to a podcast:

  • When you’ll have to pause the podcast to talk to someone
  • When cooking
  • When you’re extremely stressed out
  • When you’re exhausted

4 tips to retain all of your podcast knowledge

1. Keep a notebook

Taking notes as you listen to podcasts allows you to look back once the podcast has ended. Plus, the act of writing things down can help trigger your long-term memory to help you better retain the information you’re hearing.

2. Go in completely ready to learn

If you go in ready to listen and form your own opinion or you go in ready to learn something new during the podcast, you have a higher chance of remembering and fully absorbing the information.

3. Take meaningful action

After each podcast, write down one meaningful action that you will take with you. For example, maybe you listened to a podcast on increasing your email subscriber list. Write down one thing you’re going to do with what you learned from the podcast. Maybe after listening to the podcast, you want to add a newsletter subscription form to your website or send friend referral coupons to existing subscribers. Whatever actionable changes you want to make, write it down and do it.

4. Follow your favorite podcasts on social media

Get to know the voice behind the podcast – on social media! Social media is a great way to add a face to a name (or voice) and form connections with them online. These connections can help you better pay attention and absorb knowledge.

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