2021 Marketing Trends

With uncertain times can come uncertain foresight into future consumer behaviors. However, the future isn’t all cloudy. We do know that consumers are shopping online more frequently. We also know that consumers are focusing more on shopping local and connecting digitally. These few points on consumer behavior can help predict marketing trends for the upcoming 2021 year. Keep reading to learn more!

2021 Marketing Trends We See in the Industry’s Future

Shop Local

When the pandemic first hit, small, local businesses were hit the hardest in comparison to larger corporations. This led to a movement of consumers being mindful to shop local and help support the small businesses within their local communities. So much so that shopping for local goods and services will continue to trend into 2021 and will continue to impact consumer behaviors and spending habits.

Online Shopping

People are doing more online shopping day-by-day because of the convenience and safety of purchasing online. Online shopping will continue to trend in 2021. And it is vital for e-commerce businesses to have a way for consumers to purchase online. It’s also important to ensure a positive customer journey on your website so customers can easily navigate through the process. If you don’t have a good customer journey online, your sales may fall by the wayside in 2021.

Eco-Friendly Products 

As the media continues to discuss the human environmental impact and changes such as climate control and greenhouse gasses, people will continue to focus on being more environmentally conscious. People want to make a change with their eco-friendly decisions and want to come together as a community to make the world a better place. More businesses will move towards eco-friendly-based goods and services as well as the production process in which their goods are made. And consumers will look for eco-friendly products and services in 2021 to try to help do their part.

Social Listening is Vital

In 2021, Chrome is going to stop collecting cookies from consumers. This data that marketers used to get to understand consumers and identify their audience will no longer be available to them. Because of this, marketers will need to sharpen their social listening skills. Engage in consumer digital communities and really listen to your customer’s comments and messages to understand what your customers want from you.

Social Media Purchasing Will Continue to be a Marketing Trend

Consumers purchasing via social media will continue to trend in 2021. Mid-2020, Instagram started promoting a shop tab that brands could add products to and connect to ads. And although consumers have reported not loving social media ads, they are working and are generating profit. In April of 2020, 34% of people said they had purchased goods via social media. This percentage will only increase from here.

Visual Storytelling

Consumers have high expectations from brands for a visual experience like no other. The use of Instagram stories and video will continue to dominate content. Drones will also be key players in brands’ 2021 business plan.   Consumers’ expectation of quality visual storytelling will continue to climb.


Brands will continue to diversify their businesses in staff, social media imagery and influencers, and their campaign messaging. Consumers want an inclusive community that brings people together and they expect businesses to follow in 2021.


We’ve entered into a new decade. 2020 was a difficult year to try to rebrand, but many brands will look towards rebranding in 2021. Out with the old 2010’s-looking branding and in with the new! Branding affects consumer behaviors more than ever since modern design continues to take over. Consumers are looking for brands they buy from to have a modern aesthetic in their packaging, logo, website, and more. If you need help rebranding your business to stand out among the crowd, one of our branding experts can help! 

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